What can you remember from years gone by?  I admit every once in awhile I have a picture flash across my memory.  Caused by a smell, or a series of events that link to the picture, or a voice, or . . .

But, what makes certain word phrases stick? 

I suppose repetition.  I have Bible verses memorized that just come back.  It took a while to learn them but I’m not sure I’ll ever lose them.  My mother, who has Alzheimer’s, still can recite verses once a phrase is presented to her.

I suppose music.  When I hear a chord progression or a lyric line, the words flood back.  This also relates to poetry, which has a rhythmic feel to it.  Again, Alzheimer’s doesn’t erase that ability!

I suppose fear.  When I was young I need to know my phone number, just in case.  I can still recite one – 692-6833.  That was in my early elementary years.

I suppose hope.  When a vision has been cast, whether for church, work or personal – I remember the phrases.  One church I was in used four words – Connect, Grow, Reach, Serve. 

I suppose simple.  I remember short acronyms that roll out into phrases.  SGI – Small Group Initiatives.  AMP – Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose.

What helps you to remember?