Good thing that you can do electronic checks online.  I was just skimming my credit card statement and staring at me was a high amount.  More than usual!

Well, somehow a Paypal charge was put on my Visa.  Well, actually my wife’s Visa.  Who has never used Paypal. 

So, right now we are going through the fun (agony?) of getting the charge reversed.  Soon a new card will arrive for my wife.

On TV tonight reporters talked about PIN machines being swiped (quite literally).  The plastic money of today can really be a pain.  The TV reporter finished by suggesting that we all return to cash if we don’t want our finances stolen. 

OK, you can counterfeit money!  And you can’t guarantee a hotel room with cash.  And online purchases can’t be fulfilled by sending reassurance over the internet that the “money is in the mail.”

So, I guess we are stuck with plastic money.  And hopefully as enjoyable service representatives as ours was tonight.  Perhaps his name was a sign!  He was called Emmanuel – “God with us.”