Perhaps it is the time of year.  Perhaps the time of the decade.  Perhaps an end is about to begin.

I listened to a prediction of the end of the world.  That didn’t happen.  And has now been revised.  In this case I’m sure the prediction is man-made, not God-based.

Nevertheless, the tornado season has been strong – destroying towns and making even the strong heart faint. 

Which reminds me to check out my own time clock.  How close is the end?  Just around the corner?

I add to these considerations the stories of friends with cancer and other physically debilitating diseases.  Life is only alive by the grace and sustenance of God. 

That’s not a bad thing.  In fact, I would say that is a reassuring thing.  When this life ends, if we are in God’s hands through the wounded hands of Jesus, we are headed to a great beginning. 

Doesn’t make the leaving any easier.  Does make the reunion even sweeter!