Some days my sermons kick me back – or just give me a kick in the back!  An illustration took me back a few years.

I’d forgotten about the house of my dreams.  In 1994 we entered Prince Albert to buy a house.  I had a job offer on the table and we needed accommodations.

Our realtor showed us some pictures.  She steered us to probable boxed homes.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but comfortable.

My eyes lit upon an interested configuration in the blandness of the listings.  Two stories with what looked like an attic style of roof.  In fact, this had the grace of a mansion.

And so it was.  A professional’s home, built in the early part of the century.  Although not currently a heritage designation, the house had a good chance of being designated as such.  Along with that would come some funding.  And also come restrictions.  Restore the home to it’s former self!!

Over this past decade and a half, I’ve wondered what that would have been like.  Curved stairs, a rounded china cabinet, a huge conservatory, a shelf lined library, oak flooring.  A friend estimated the cost to just do basic repairs would have taken up to $300-500 thousand of today’s dollars.

But dreams die hard.  And maybe dreams are the best place to leave this!  Maybe my mansion in heaven will look something like it!!

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