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The days of talk

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Five sessions today were there to listen.  And to talk.  But talk was secondary.  At least on my part.

The first was to consider future direction and structure from an advisor.  The second was to listen to make sure I was hearing what another was saying.  The third was to serve as mentor by hearing the heart.  The fourth was to hear what others were saying.  The final was the only “teaching” situation where I was expected to “sit and listen.”

I sometimes wonder if we would learn more if we were to see every part of our day as a place to listen more than to speak!

On thinking

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

When I first started blogging a little over five years ago, my father was one of my greatest fans.  He would wonder where the things I wrote evolved from.  In fact, he would comment that he could never come up with new topics all the time.

I credit my creativity in writing to him.  Even though he was quiet, he had this sort of quirk about him.  I was refreshed reading some of his letters from his teen years.  He seemed to always find something to comment on in a fresh light.  Add into that mix a mother who grew up in a dysfunctional home and yet still held hope that the light at the end of the tunnel was heaven and not a train.

Dad is now dead and mom has Alzheimers.  The blog no longer entertains them.  But I’m thankful for the encouragement they have been to me.  Not just in providing a roof, food and education.  More than that, they have been the creative ones who pointed me to the original creator.  They have helped me to yearn after that which is beyond the ordinary.

With Mother’s day and Father’s day fast approaching, thank you to both my parents!

On God and Steve Earle

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Every once in awhile you are listening to the radio in your car.  A chance statement strikes you. 

Thankfully, with current technology, you can replay the audio on the internet!

Such was Friday night at 10:15 or so, as I headed home after our church youth meeting.  On the CBC radio recap of their daily program Q (April 29 interview), Steve Earle was speaking.  About 12:00 minutes into the program, Steve (a musician out of Nashville – 56 years of age – a little too close to my own age) gives a one minute talk on God.  So I listened to that one minute of the interview on the internet – more than once.

I was struck with a common perception of God that is prevalent in Western society, particularly amongst those who have gone through the AA program or struggled with addictions.  Steve believes in God.  He’s not sure he believes in an afterlife, nor that God created him (I think he would be comfortable evolving as compared to God having his finger on his life right from the start – although he does leave the door open for that), that God is a power greater than himself, and that he has been given certain gifts that he should steward in this life – and for the most part when he does this good things happen.

And I began to think, is this close to the good news that Jesus brought to this world?   Jesus clearly states that there will be an afterlife.  Paul, laying out the good news in Ephesians, shows how God clearly had each one of us in mind before the world began, and how we are gifted by God for the sake of others – which can bring good into our lives or suffering.  Oh, and yes, God is greater than each one of us, but is personal, not just a power.

The good part?  Steve is wrestling with the right questions.  The interviewer immediately inserted the word Karma after his one minute talk, characterizing Steve’s life in an interesting way.  And perhaps his belief in God is more an Eastern religious approach?

I guess I like a personal God who cares about me, both in this life and the next.  And, to me, that is good news!