Today the skies opened their gates and let out the rain!

Not in gushers – just off and on patterns of splashes.

Early this morning I headed to our neighbour’s and continued to dig out a stump.  Now, just to let you know I’m not volunteering to come help you with your stumps in life.  Just that I had promised our neighbour I would help (they had tried using a truck to pull the stump out – no go!!).

This is the third stump since the spring.  I’ve learned patience, a good shovel and a sharp axe all work together for good.

So this morning I was up early to complete work from the previous two days.  I wasn’t sure how much was still needed to uproot the final roots.  Within an hour, as the clouds darken and a storm brewed, the stump began to wiggle and soon dislodged totally! 

Just in time.  Which seems to be the way that memorable happenings work!  Not to say that everything should be that way, but every once in a while it keeps life interesting!!