OK, some people have always thought I was a bit affected (for those who didn’t come out of the 60’s and 70’s – that just means some people might think I’m a little strange!).

But, using the word in more technical English, I thought I wasn’t affected by technology.  At least, not the way younger people are!

Think again.

Yesterday our cable/internet line was cut.  Accidentally by a telecommunications worker.  By the time we figured it out, the shops were closed at our local service provider. 

So, no TV channels and no internet.  We’ve grown so used to cable TV or on demand “NextFlix” that here we were – having to actually either pull out a DVD, listen to music or do something productive!

And wouldn’t you know it, we decided on a combination.  By the end of the evening we had enjoyed ourselves, gotten some work done that we hadn’t planned, and went to bed in good spirits!

Now, if we could just pull the plug on everyone . . .