I have volunteered to take out another stump.

For some of you who are stumped over this thought, let me explain.

In the spring one of our trees finally expired.  The demise had been gradual over these past few years.  With a bit of trimming and care, we had hoped for a better outcome.  But the end was not to be as we had hoped.

So, the tree was trimmed to a stump.  And then we decided there was a need to rid ourselves of the stump – we wanted to plant grass and not just create a “stick sticking out of the ground!”

The tree did not have a tap root, so one morning as my wife talked to our next door neighbour, I dug and cut and shook the stump until it moved under my feet!

With that triumph in place, I mentioned to our next neighbour down that I could remove one of their stumps.  I practiced at my daughter’s a few weeks ago.  That stump came out well, as did our neighbours stump.

And so, last night I talked to the satisfied neighbours.  Now, I knew that there was another stump, and I asked if they wanted that stripped from the ground.  They were more than excited to get this wooden monstrosity from their front yard.  So I asked if they were up at 6:30 in the morning when I would usually start working on the stump. 

Funny thing!  They volunteered that they would be away this weekend.  And I could come down when they left and work on the stump.  So, in a few hours I will once again work on a stump! 

Maybe this will be my new career (NOT!).