Today I headed over to the neighbours to take out a stump.  On the way, I noticed another neighbour was working on their stumps.  I watched them try to chain saw the stump to the ground. 

Meanwhile, I headed to the stump that was sitting there waiting to stump me.  I dug, chopped and shovelled.  In less than two hours the stump was out.  And the other neighbours were over checking out my work. 

Their stump was still stumping them, and they still had another to go!  I volunteered to come over and help with the second stump they were just working on.  We dug, chopped and shovelled and in less than two hours that stump was out.

The neighbours were surprised.  Their first stump had taken almost twice as much time and was merely leveled to the ground but not removed.

Interestingly, I was seen as the expert (this is my fourth stump removal – that’s all).  I suppose the greatest input I had was to say, “keep going!”  Without having removed a stump the neighbours had no idea what it would take – and their previous stump removal had been contracted out to a backhoe and “big machines.” 

How could a shovel and axe take out an immovable stump??  Patience and systematic work!  And someone who really believes it can be done!

And so, two stumps in one day.  That’s enough!!  Time to hit the sack!!