Steve Bell – musician, Canadian, Christian.

I met Steve more than a decade ago when we ran an arts show called “Circling the Son.”  He sang, spoke, and generally charmed us all as a soft spoken, opinionated, loveable, down home gentleman.  Some of our church people became constant followers – and still do to this day.

So, it was no surprise to me when a cancer patient took to memory and heart one of the songs he sang (written by Gord Johnson). 

In the morning Lord we do look to you for the strength we need just to make it through, have mercy.  In the evening Lord we look back and say it was in your strength that we made our way, have mercy.  You are our everything we need, feed us Lord.

Check out the version he does with Fresh I.E. (folk meets hip hop).

Everything We Need – Steve Bell & Fresh I.E.