Our local high school, Kindersley Composite School, is hosting a region wide (which includes a good part of the province) gathering of leadership youth.  When the idea was first forwarded in the community many of us had one thought?  Where are you going to put 750 kids.  Of course, the final numbers will be a bit different, but even so . . . that’s a lot of kids.

Our local motels are constantly filled with oil workers – you can’t get a room during the week if you tried.

The final realization?  We as a community have to billet the kids!  I guess our society has gone so much to hotel and motel use that it’s “inconceivable” that local homes would be available.

I would like to say – We did it!!  As part of the hordes of homes, we are having four girls stay at our place.  9:30 tonight I pick them up.  At 8:15 in the morning we are back at the high school.  At 11:30 that evening I pick them up again (after a dance that goes way past my bed time!).  Friday, their final morning with us, they are back at the school at 8:00. 

Should be fun – if I can stay awake!