What a zoo!

Imagine heading to a staging area to pick up billets.  The hallways are full, the people are polite (a true Canadian trait) and the faces are myriad! 

That was Kindersley Composite School last night around 9:30.  We were taking in four young ladies – two from Kelliher and two from Quill Lake.  I had to walk from one end of the school to the other to pick up the students.  Then placed all their luggage in a Toyota (which trunk is nowhere near the capacity of older cars).  And finally we arrived home for some birthday cake (yes, yesterday was my 58th birthday!).

Dismissal for the evening came around 10:30 and not a creature was stirring by around 11:00.  Now – tonight will be a different story!  I don’t pick up the billets until around 11:30 and they have to be out of the house the next morning by 8:00.

This I have to see!  I’m sure they will be saying, “No pictures, Please!”

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