So, here is the writer – my wife.  We watched what I would call a “clean” movie tonight – My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend.  Jill was sitting next to me and seemed to know what the next move would be.  The plot was probably too formulaic, but something about that created a believable side to a fictional story.

The interesting thing is that certain lines in the movie just made you want to believe that they made sense.  Ideas like love and marriage should be forever and that you should be free to tell your loved one everything about yourself.  With the realism of divorce and the heartache of deep secrets included in the narrative of the movie, realism meets idealism and the messiness of life begins to be untangled through forgiveness and love.

While I don’t think the movie fully reaches that height, I see the pinnacle in God’s love through Jesus –  the best example of forgiveness and love!  And the messiness of our lives can be untangled through Jesus’ forgiveness and love!