When Saturday began I knew the day would be all over the proverbial map.  And so it was.

The day turned hot – I had bought bungie cords early in the morning to put around our air-conditioner cover.  By noon I had removed the cover and the A/C was turned on.

I officiated a wedding – a beginning of sorts.  And visited a store – an ending of sorts.   Both were complicated but a milestone was reached.  Sometimes the markers in life are as important as the journey that takes you to and from the marker.

And finally, as the day finished I fell in bed exhausted.  I push myself quite often and long days are not the exception but more often the rule.  I reserved time throughout the day for short naps.  And still yawns escaped my body!

Now, as Sunday morning dawns I’m set to go for a walk – into the sunrise and into the Sonrise of a Sunday morning!