Gutter cleaning

As our neighbourhood heads into the fall, a few of us have volunteered to help with various outdoor activities.  Like cleaning out the gutters (or as we call them – eavestroughs).

In this particular case, the gutters had not been cleaned for a while.  As a matter of fact, rain that would have fallen would never have made it to the downspout! 

As we excavated the dirt, at points we found at least a centimeter or more of unnecessary rubble.  Probably 20 ice-cream pails of dirt.

What fun!  When we were done you could see a few holes in the gutters.  The dirt would have covered these holes but now they will need to be repaired.  But at least now the water will drain and now seep into the wood around the gutters.

Oh, I put back on the air conditioner cover back on.  Seldom have we had warm weather at the end of September.  Almost feels like our calendar is out by a month.  Maybe the days are returning to normal (which is colder than I would like!).  We’ll see!

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