These last few days I’ve been at work by 7:00 in the morning.  Usually there is the exercise bike ride prior to that, the cleansing shower and the 5 minute ride to the other side of town.

Which reminds me to remind you that life is so much simpler in a small town.  Going across town is a mere minutiae of time.  Gas stations are bypassed.  The sunrise’s slow rise barely ascends during the drive.  Who wouldn’t want to live in small town?

Back to the early to rise thing!  My mind works best early in the morning.  I schedule my thinking time then.  And laugh when other colleagues arrive shaking off their rest in an effort to pop above the morning tide. 

And now, as the evening approaches, while my colleague is just coming alive, I’m descending to the depths of rest.  Unfortunately I’ll be bowling in a few minutes – hopefully I can see the pins! 

Early to rise – late to bed – may not work so well!!