The will to live

I’ve watched a few people lately.  Mostly aged and beyond the life of their spouses.  Their will to live is depleted. 

While this is a testament to their relationship with their spouse, there is an unfortunate side.  Family and friends may desire to encourage and support the loved one – but they too become discouraged.  They are drained emotionally and wonder how they can place a spark back in another’s life.

There is an old phrase – “let go, and let God.”  Never have I heard a tougher prescription.  If we could save our loved ones from pain, sorrow and hopelessness, we would gladly take their places.  But we cannot.  We can come alongside – we can lift weary hands – but we cannot become their life for them.

So, I pray for God to give marathon strength to each one.  And that they would have radical gratitude in their lives.  That they would see God more clearly, love God more dearly and follow wherever God is leading.  And in some cases that leading is closer to heaven than to earth.

Now, if we would just let go, and let God!

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