Back home

Well, the last few days seem to be a bit of a whirl.  Going round and round – or maybe in a straight line but at coffee-treated speed (and I haven’t been drinking!). 

The interesting part is that a portion of the time was spend in retreat – at a retreat – with rest and no deadlines forbidding me refreshment.  That time was tucked in the midst of rush and hurry. 

When I arrived home my wife had to run to follow me.  We used to call this being my “grad gown” time.  When I served as a Registrar the graduation weekend was hectic, to say the least.  If my kids wanted to see me, I would invite them to tag along – which meant running behind me.

Having said all this, today I feel refreshed.  The day has been busy and rewarding.  Supper was with a friend – touching base and laughing and exploring our various vocational involvements.  Add to that a great meal prepared by my wife, and things are good.

May you rest in your day and night.

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