Not much.  So far.  Just enough to warn us that winter is on the way.  My next door neighbor figures it should be a good winter.  I’ve heard there will be lots of snow.  My bones tell me “go south”!

Early this morning I stepped out to clean our gutters.  For those in other parts of the country, or in other countries, this means making sure the eavestroughs are clean of debris.

In this case, I had a tall step ladder and circumscribed the house.  Moving the ladder a few feet at a time, I would climb to the top.  Having reached that height, I scooped out leaves and dirt.  As soon as the trough was cleared in one area, I moved on to the next.

Generally this is done on a warmish fall day.  Today, my one open time slot, proved to be a windy day with temperatures just at freezing.  Add to that that I started fairly early – before the sun was up – and the task gives greater fulfilment! 

Or perhaps foolishness. 

Sometimes the line is a little blurred!

And then the snow came.