KJV copyrighted??

OK, I’ve always figured once a person is dead and gone – and given a few years grace – the works of that person should be public property.

Not so for the King James Version of the Bible.  1611 – 400 years ago – is the publishing date we most often reference for the KJV.  The copyright was given to the royal family in Britain.  AND . . . has been renewed with each successive monarch.

At least that’s what the Baptist Standard proclaimed in an October 25th article by  Bruce Lampert.

Now, I understand the idea of protection of what is written.  I’m not so sure I like the lengths to which copyright laws have gone.  But, 400 years???  Oh, and I understand this also applies to the Book of Common Prayer.

As defender of the faith, the British Monarch has the prerogative to be sure the faith remains unsullied and that the written words remain unimpeachable.  My question is, “Is the British Monarchy the best defender of the faith at this point in time?”

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