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The end of an era

The building came down today!  Kehrer’s Appliance’s has been in Kinderlsey for 50 years.  And today the final remains were placed in the ground – or at least, taken to the waste management facility on the edge of town.

Kehrer Appliance demolition Brian and Diane Kehrer, owners, are friends of ours for over 30 years.  In fact, our trusty Maytag washer was bought in their store over 30 years ago – and it’s still running.  the feelings are mixed on Brian and Diane’s part.  On my part, I also sense an end to an era. 

Right now our town is in the midst of changes – and these very visible deaths just remind us that a new resurrection is soon to come.  What has been, will be replaced – and we pray for the better.

Thanks, Brian and Diane, for your service to this community.

The tale of two deaths

This past week saw two stalwarts of the Christian faith pass on to a greater reward:  Sam Stoesz and Bob Kuglin.

I knew and respected both of these men.  Bob was a feisty, conservative evangelist who traveled the globe to bring the message of Jesus wherever he could go.  He compared himself to a devil’s egg.

Sam was a practical theologian who studied the history of our denomination, explained how to bring in members and was a gentle soul.  His daughter, Gloria, was around my age.  When I visited in their home I always felt at home.

Now, I suppose, I and others of my age are becoming those stalwarts who will be considered mentors and teachers.  May we always seek to seek God more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly – whatever our personality, disposition or rank in life!

From here to eternity

There was a time today where I referred back to a sermon preached on Sunday.  And not even one I preached. 

This sermon talked about how we keep ourselves here on earth – we don’t easily consider setting aside whatever holds us back from heavenly living.  Instead we keep things alive in our lives that really should be dead.

The apostle Paul talks about everything being considered trash, rubbish, garbage, dung – more than just being set aside.  Actually considering them less than anything!

So, what holds us back?  Why do we live here and not there?

Want a good sermon?  Check out Pastor Ryan Lee’s sermon from October 9, 2011 called “Why here and not there?” on our church website ( under the sermon tab (be patient – it takes a few seconds to bring up the sermon listing – but it’s well worth it!).

For the sake of a few

Our local ministerial (comprised of less than a dozen churches) provides a hymn sing each week at a local seniors complex.  The rotation allows for every six weeks or so running about an hour’s worth of singing. 

Thanksgiving Sunday was the day set for our church.  I have grown rather attached to these people.  As I looked over the list of residents who were visiting, the obvious was obvious.  This was a visiting day when most residents were away.  But, instead of canceling the singing time, my wife and I ventured over for the 7:00 meeting.

Two ladies greeted us, and so we just sat and chatted for a few moments of time.  As time continued, a few more came and we commenced some singing.  Then one or two ventured in and sat in the back.  Half way through, a few more stragglers came.  By the time we were done we had around 15 there.

Sometimes you wonder if a very few are enough.  In our coffee time following, one lady poured out her own frustrations and God searching.  Others sat and encouraged another.  Perhaps the after meeting is just as important as the singing time.  Put them both together, and for the sake of the few there is a reason to be there – and besides that, it’s just plain fun!!

35 years tomorrow

I was thinking about the day I was married to my good wife, Jill.

The day started with wind, then a bit of rain (maybe even snow, if I remember rightly).  A little coffee spill on the bride’s dress.  A reception that I can’t remember much of.  By the evening we were both very tired.  Our first night of sex together was new and slow and good!

And now, 35 years later we are more in love than ever. 

Two kids, both grown, graced, and some days stressed our home.  Today they both live their own lives – and we thank God for them!!

I started vocational ministry 35 years ago in Kindersley.  I’m back again – and finding the work fulfilling.  With Jill by my side, partnering with me, I’m excited to see what God is going to do next.

And to think, tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  I’d have to agree, I’m looking forward to a great day of thanksgiving!

Christmas plans

What a great time with a planning committee today!

Our Christmas program is planned for Sunday morning, December 18th with a lunch to follow.  The title?  3011 . . . A space holiday!  The fun part?  We have original music and theatre, along with participants from the congregation. 

I’m hoping for a large crowd.  Last year we had 145 out.  This year I’d love to see over 150!  Plan now to join us if  you can!!

Library quandry

I’ve been having a sense of revolution in thinking.  All related to new technology.  Technology that Steve Jobs helped pioneer – which seems such a weird term that.  Pioneer has more often been related to settlement of land rather than the invisible world of electrical impulses and binary accumulations!

I still consider paper a great textured experience.  As I open a book there is a sense of reality, of touch and feel.  Unlike an ebook or computer screen.

But I do find that I am more and more dependent on the internet.  Not unexpected from the projections I learned in my library science program 25 years ago.

With the easy access and wide availability you soon learn that the paper on the shelves are not necessary.  At least to a point.  There are the books that are constant reference materials that are nice to put in your hand.  But the number of those reference books are not as great as they used to be when you can access information over the internet.

So today I began to take home books that are not necessary to adorn the shelves in my office.  At least six boxes so far, and more to go.  As the shelves become barer, I’m contemplating what will fill the space. 

What would you suggest could be placed on the empty spaces? 

Ever thought this way?

There are days when we would just like to ask God to wait for us to finish something else off.  So, reading in the book of Judges chapter 6 (NIV) today I came across just that type of situation.  Below is the passage quoted – make what you will of it!

17 Gideon replied, “If now I have found favor in your eyes, give me a sign that it is really you talking to me. 18 Please do not go away until I come back and bring my offering and set it before you.”

   And the LORD said, “I will wait until you return.”

Now, you’ll need to read the rest of the chapter to get the full context – but it does remind you that God could leave us whenever He was wants – but He chooses to remain with us!

One busy day

Give me 24 hours and see what I can pack into it! 

On Sunday afternoon I left for Lafleche, Saskatchewan to make a final check of the house I am in charge of!  As executor, the accountability is mine in the final stretch.  Meanwhile my very capable sister keeps things in great shape. 

So, over 800 kilometers later – with a van load of materials and a house examined and ready (almost) for a full-time renter – I arrived home 24 hours later. 

I asked myself why I didn’t write this blog yesterday.  Perhaps there are some days just left as they are!  And so, as the evening wore on I wore out.

And now this morning I’m up and running.  Off to a funeral, to visit a lady in a manor, to oversee a survey, to work with a couple on financial planning and to sit in on a community committee on drug and alcohol awareness.  Should be a good day!

A final trip

As executor for my father’s estate I have been in charge of a house he bought in Lafleche, Saskatchewan.  Due to some twists and turns in the estate we have not been quick to sell the house.  But the times are changing and the possibility is closer.

With that in mind, I ventured down to Lafleche following our morning service and potluck today.  The road was fairly empty and the trip uneventful. 

But stepping into the house has memories.  I often think we pass over, by and through our memories – leaving them behind.  Not so!  I realize not everything needs to be saved, but even a penned letter of little consequence soon reaches archival status in your mind. 

And so, as I make a last pass through the house I’m trying to be realistic.  In the next short while a renter is expected in the house.  The renter brings his own furniture, so we we will be “cleaning house.”  We can store some things but basically the garage sale/second hand route will be the final route for much of what is here.

I am not the only one experiencing this!  Some of our friends have completed their business life on main street.  Soon the building will be torn down.  Many treasures still remain shoved into distant corners of the building.   But the building will come down with the treasures hidden forever.  How do you adjust?  At some point we realize that treasure stored in heaven is much more important!

Nevertheless, I will miss some of this “stuff!”