Snow fall!

The day began with a somewhat clear sky but a few crusty kernels of water began to fall in the formation we know as “snow”.  Those few were soon joined with a myriad of others until the whiteness blackened the sky.

Arriving home mid-afternoon I began the shoveling of the walk.  With guests expected later in the evening I figured I could get ahead of myself.  Of course, being ahead meant I soon felt behind because the snow did not stop.

I decided, since I was getting a bit of exercise, I would clean the driveway next door.  Then I would push out a neighbour who got stuck.  Then walk over to a neighbours house and help shovel the driveway. 

Supper felt and tasted good.  Another neighbour was shoveling their walk, so I headed out to help a bit.

All I can say is – I hope our guests arrive soon.  Otherwise I’ll end up shoveling out the whole block!!!

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