For the love of snow!

I awoke today to a sermon prep day.  That I enjoy!

Another of my enjoyments is shoveling snow.  The exercise is good for me.  But more than that – there is something that was a part of my youth rolled up in each shovel full that I extract from the driveway!  As well, to see a final product – a clean area of the earth!!

So, today I was able to help a few people shovel their snow as well.  I found out one was a new arrival in Kindersley.  Another has lived a long time across the street from the church.  Both appreciated the help.  But more than that, I just enjoyed the lift, stretch and throw.

Tomorrow I will feel well – the exercise has been a good thing for me.  And my mind has been exercised in sermon preparation.  In all a good day!!

3 thoughts on “For the love of snow!

  1. I love shoveling snow, but be in the genes… however, my snow shoveling days have given me carpel tunnel syndrome. How cruel, eh?! Hope you have a great sermon prep day too! (:

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