The expulsive power of a new affection

Thomas Chalmers is quoted with this tidbit of wisdom.  I’ve been watching a promotional video series on Conflict Resolution with Tim Pollard.  Put out by Peacemaker Ministries, the session I just finished has some great nuggets!

When we experience conflict – go to God first.  That means; in all I do, I do only what would shine a favourable light on God.  If I can’t see God in the mirror, I’m in trouble.

Then, get real with yourself!  We have a great capacity to blame others before we even consider the downside of our own behaviour.  The deeper issue in conflicts are not the symptoms but the cravings that underlay our reactions. 

Whatever craving is not based in God is an idol – another mini god has replaced God!  Sin is what we do when we are not fully satisfied in God.  And so our hearts become idol factories.

What idols rule your heart?  What do you fear?  What do you want the most in life?  What would you sin to obtain?  Have you ever stretched the truth to obtain something? — And here is one of those statements from the video that hit me.  “Your wife and kids know your idols because they’ve seen when you’ve flared up.”

How do you explode an idol factory?  Replace that factory with a much better factory.  Drive our love for the mini god out with a big love for the true God.  If our lives are comprised of an insatiable love for God, then the little loves will shrink into nothingness!

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