The forecast is unbelievable

I awoke this morning and checked our weather forecast.

That’s not out of the ordinary.  What is??

We have had some very cold days lately, and lots of snow.  By very cold, I mean down into the -30’s Celcius with the wind chill.  The last few days have crept up to the freezing mark.  And now . . .

Sunday is expected to be 12 degrees above zero!  That is like a warmish spring day.  That’s like a nice fall afternoon.  That’s like unbelievable.

Our streets will run with water for the day.  Snow packs will diminish to snow puddles.  Our cars will be wet with salt and dirt.  Children will splash in puddles and adults will sit and watch.

The best part of it all?  This is a foretaste of spring!  One last day to retain the memory before the chill of winter completely sets in. 

To think – Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent in which we think of “hope”.  The coming again of Jesus.  Perhaps the weather will remind us that we will have hope of a coming again!

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