Geriatric couture

So, I’m listening to a forecast of the top 20 trends of 2011 (a video done in 2010).

Amidst the top 20 was one that struck me.  In the last while I’ve worn clothes that are ‘retro’, according to some of our teens.  And to them the term retro was not derogatory!  The first time I heard the whispers about my clothes, I just though my fashion sense was being questioned.  Of course, many have been doing that for years. 

Instead, the youth were surveying what I was wearing to see if the fit could be theirs!  Totally disconcerting.  I wear my father’s sweater because it feels comfortable.  They want to wear a geriatric sweater because the trend is sliding in that direction.

So, old people, open your closets! 

You have the clothes of tomorrow sitting on yesterday’s pile!!

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