Christmas songs

Tis the season.

And many are thankful.  Today one person talked about how the songs get into your head.  They begin to be on the back of our tongues, just waiting to come forward.

With the evident impact of carols and songs, I’m certainly enjoying getting a start on the season.  Of course, I’ve also been asked to sing a few times over the next few weeks – all the more reason to start listening and enjoying.

What are my favorite Christmas songs?  I love the old standard carols – Joy to the world; O Come, all ye faithful; Silent Night . . . and many more.  I enjoy some newer songs like Birthday of a King, and Oh, Holy Night.  And even more contemporary are songs like Hope is Born and Are you Listening.

Not that you know all these songs! 

So, what are the songs that you enjoy in this season?

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