Now, this seems a rather weird idea!

We are literally hours away from the official first day of winter.  In this country we would be acclimated to the freezing weather already!  Except, the weather has been above freezing off and on for the last while.  Christmas day may find us basking in sunlight and out looking at fields that are stubble covered without snow!

Today I took both of our cars and washed them.  There is more slush than ice on our streets.  And more forecasts of possible rain than snow.  That is weird.

In the midst of this adventure I found that the tire pressures were slightly off and one windshield wiper was inoperable.  Good time to find out – I’d hate to be dealing with this in 40 below weather.

And so, there I stood outside pumping up tires and replacing wiper blades without needing gloves. 

I’m thankful!  And I must admit – I think God has a real sense of humor!!