I suppose I’ve been somewhat mystified by the Occupy movement.  Seems that there was an emphasis on the poor.  Perhaps on the greed of the rich.  Maybe a protest against current authority.

So, we occupy land and present our case, holding the responsible to account.  At least that is the way the movement started.  The fizzle of the movement occurred as the weather threatened, as well as the courts!

Jesus said we should occupy until he returns.  I suppose the Christian version of the occupy movement is a group of people who know that the kingdom of man is not the kingdom of God.  But we are here, citizens of heaven living on earth.  We occupy a space on this earth – and we love our neighbours – while fully loving God.

The bitterness of the occupy movement is not ours.  Ours is a passion to see the very best for others, to live with grace towards those who treat us unfairly, to live contented in a society that breeds dissatisfaction, to find our peace in God in the midst of recession and disturbance, to be salt and light to those who taste only bitterness and see only the worst. 

Sounds like an occupy movement I would join!  Any day!!