As we sat at home this afternoon we received a phone call.

In this case our faithful answering machine took the call.  “This is the Air Canada Baggage handling in Ottawa.”  They went on to explain that our son Tim’s luggage was in Ottawa.  With no tag.  They had found his name and cell phone upon opening the luggage.

We were left with a phone number to call.

Imagine – our son is somewhere thousands of feet in the air – probably just over Thunder Bay.  He has no inkling of the lack he is about to face.  Perhaps his cell phone is off.  He’ll arrive to a full airport – a twirling luggage roundabout with nothing of consequence to be found.  What to do next? 

Well, it’s not the first time his arriving in Saskatoon has been greeted without luggage.  But that doesn’t make it any more enjoyable.

So, the day will be a little more stressful, but I hope the anticipation of gathering with family will overcome some of that!