Yesterday was the turkey dinner.  With all the stuffing and fixings.  And leftovers!!

Which is what I love.  For the next while we will have turkey sandwiches and marshmallow salad and potatoes and everything that makes up the big meal, only simply warmed over – and tasting just as good.

The afternoon saw us playing tile rummy while the turkey cooked.   At first we went without a timer – a little too boring.  But then we set 30 seconds as the limit for each play.  My daughter, who has always been able to see the next play, would lay down tiles at such a rate it was rather dizzying.  My older mind (which never was fast at this type of thing) just limped along and enjoyed the company.

And so, with the kids home this year, I’ve just been enjoying the bringing together of the nuclear family and not seeing it blow up, as other families have, who have become more nuclear than family.

God blesses – today my sister and some of her family join us for lunch.  Hamburgers and sausage – my favourite!!