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Supper meal delight

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Some days I have to remember.  Remember what the past held and what delights me today.

Today’s supper is a case in point.  I grew up in a meat and potatoes home.  And I rather enjoyed that.  We added bread to the mix, sopped up the gravy and had a few vegetables.

Decades later I enjoyed tonight a salmon steak, a uniquely delicious cabbage salad, raised buns and delectable squash.  All tastefully seasoned.

As I step onto the scale tonight I recognize that my weight reflects a wholesome meal.  One which provides nourishment and light heartedness.  Not a bad thing.

I still crave the meat and potatoes every once in a while, but I’m quite satisfied with a newness of life found in the food I eat!


Monday, January 30th, 2012

I find that every few days (usually ends up about seven days) I yawn and rest.  Literally have nap times more than once during the day.

Such was today – suited definitely for my day off.

Along with a day where I redirected much of my thinking from “regular work”.  I worked on doing “editor” things – taking writing and rearranging the words.  This is to me a great diversion and enjoyment.  My day was enhanced by the opportunity.

And sitting with my wife watching some enjoyable entertainment.  No rush to be somewhere.  No phone calls to return.  No emails to contend with.  Just sitting!

Tomorrow I’m back to the activity.  Enjoyable but constant.  For another week.  And then a festival – or as we call it – “Pastor’s Retreat.”  Seems a bit like the rhythm of the Jewish calendar.  Not a bad calendar to consider!

The life of light

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

We are into taking vitamin D.  Not that we always remember.  Tonight we are just now grabbing a pill or two and taking the needed water to get it down.

For years we just lived with the winter.  Perhaps a bit depressed, perhaps a bit slower than usual.

But now we are told that replacing our vitamin D will improve our winter life.  Perhaps we will be rising earlier, with greater verve to take on the day.

I hope so.  I’ve gotten rather lethargic.  And now it is time to revitalize that daily routine from light to dark – and perhaps to even find my way more clearly in the dark!

Where lives the frog?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Can you think ahead to spring?  I remember those days around Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  I was an elementary school student.  Looking out over the prairies, I would ride with friends down the back trails.  The iron bridge was there to traverse – hoping no train was on the way.  Of course, I never ventured across!!

Just a short ways out of town was a small pond.  Nothing unusual.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Just a skim of water over the newly unfrozen soil. 

But what I really enjoyed was the music.  The frogs were loudly voicing their presence.  The harmonies were a precursor to opportunities in the future of singing and harmonizing. 

And then you would spy a tadpole swimming towards a metamorphosis.

That’s the life of spring!  Soon to appear!

Which has made me ask the question.  Where lives the frog in the middle of January??

When you slow down

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

I have been monitoring my cycles in life.  “Know Yourself,” an apt description for further exploration of life and leadership.

By cycles, I mean those times when my forward motion – meaning the rush ahead to fulfil various visions and dreams – are interrupted by the need for the treat of rest and replenishment (what is often called a re-treat). 

Today was a retreat day.  Not that I stopped my activities altogether.  Rather, I went slowly into the work and extracted myself from an end of the day commitment (moving that to another time – which is actually better for both parties!). 

And now I’m at home, writing this blog and resting. 

And fully expecting tomorrow to be back to the tasks at hand.  With joy and excitement for what is to come.  There are so many great opportunities that I don’t want to miss any!!

Music Festival approaches

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

For the last few years I have enjoyed listening to the superb young musicians from our area.  They really come out and shine at our music festival.  This year’s activities will take place the early part of March with  the final “Festival of the Stars” on Friday, March 16th at our local United Church.

Now, I get a bit of a preview.  My wife is playing for one student, so I’ve heard our piano ringing with the accompanist version.  I’m looking forward to hearing this combined with the actual instrument. 

Saturday I was at my office in the morning.  Working on our annual report.  Words and formatting get rather tedious after a while. 

Who comes by but a young friend who has been playing clarinet for a number of years.  She is there with her teacher and accompanist.  Nothing I like better than to sit back and hear a concert free of charge.  I opened my office door and let the music flow.  What fun!!

And people are worried about what will happen with music in our next generation?  Not me!!!

Cookies and tea

Friday, January 20th, 2012

The end of the night is here.  As I sat at work, after 10 hours, I was ready to continue after supper.  Having said that, in my mind, I took the pulse of my body. 

No extra umph!  No push beyond the drive home!  As I stepped in the door I decided to shed the day and rest.

Chicken pot pie, salad and squash.  What a great supper.  Then an evening, with some quiet – although the evening news is probably the most excitement of the day!!

And what does tomorrow hold?  I’m hoping to work through our annual report and come up with a format that is both pleasing and not too hard to create.  I’m excited about the various reports – showing a momentum towards God and a love towards our neighbours.  Not a bad report to be pondering!!

Early to rise?

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

The exercise bike and I have an early morning relationship.  I get up before the fun rises and join my bike in exploring around 10 miles (16 kms!) or uncharted land.  The air that I breathe, the muscles I stretch and the clearing of the mind are all good.

Of course, I go “nowhere”.  The whirring of the wheel remains fairly steady and the actual landscape remains constant.  As I pedal, I travel the world of ideas through books I read.

Somehow my wife finds the whirring a soothing sound.  Much like the furnace fan kicking in.  She remains asleep and I merrily wend my way through the hills and dales of philosophy, theology, psychology and many other “ologies”. 

But today?  Well, we both must have had a good sleep.  By 7:00 my exercise was done and my wife was wandering towards the washroom.  So, the day looks like it could be rather “up and at it”.

Not a bad thing!!

Annual report time

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

As our church moves towards the new year, the old year is remembered.

Our annual report looks over the highlights of the last year.  As I write my report I can see us moving from past years of hurt to health.  We have increased in our outlook and size.  We are in a period of thanksgiving.  Our spiritual momentum is forward looking.  We have financial health.

All that to say, my report is trying to put the future into the present. 

Now, you can never do that.  Only God knows the future.  We can only glimpse as through a foggy window what is to come.  Every once in a while the fog seems to lift.  Right now there is a sense of oil pouring out on the machinery of life.  Perhaps this is a spirit of goodness, grace and kindness that is so needed in any church?? 

I’m trusting God to place us on the path with assured footsteps and lighted sight.  Keep tuned – let’s see where this is headed.


Monday, January 16th, 2012

I’m starting to get used to a day off.  Six days a week I work.  The job description is rather varied, from counseling to meetings to preaching to helping to . . .

So, today I did some banking, renewed a car license, watched TV, cleaned up some computer files, ate a great supper of steak and a lunch of newly made pea soup.  The time flies – quite literally it seems to pass by, even during the afternoon nap time!!

I’m not sure I totally understand the idea of sabbathing.  But I sense that there is a difference in a week when a day is off.