Annual report time

As our church moves towards the new year, the old year is remembered.

Our annual report looks over the highlights of the last year.  As I write my report I can see us moving from past years of hurt to health.  We have increased in our outlook and size.  We are in a period of thanksgiving.  Our spiritual momentum is forward looking.  We have financial health.

All that to say, my report is trying to put the future into the present. 

Now, you can never do that.  Only God knows the future.  We can only glimpse as through a foggy window what is to come.  Every once in a while the fog seems to lift.  Right now there is a sense of oil pouring out on the machinery of life.  Perhaps this is a spirit of goodness, grace and kindness that is so needed in any church?? 

I’m trusting God to place us on the path with assured footsteps and lighted sight.  Keep tuned – let’s see where this is headed.

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