The exercise bike and I have an early morning relationship.  I get up before the fun rises and join my bike in exploring around 10 miles (16 kms!) or uncharted land.  The air that I breathe, the muscles I stretch and the clearing of the mind are all good.

Of course, I go “nowhere”.  The whirring of the wheel remains fairly steady and the actual landscape remains constant.  As I pedal, I travel the world of ideas through books I read.

Somehow my wife finds the whirring a soothing sound.  Much like the furnace fan kicking in.  She remains asleep and I merrily wend my way through the hills and dales of philosophy, theology, psychology and many other “ologies”. 

But today?  Well, we both must have had a good sleep.  By 7:00 my exercise was done and my wife was wandering towards the washroom.  So, the day looks like it could be rather “up and at it”.

Not a bad thing!!