Music Festival approaches

For the last few years I have enjoyed listening to the superb young musicians from our area.  They really come out and shine at our music festival.  This year’s activities will take place the early part of March with  the final “Festival of the Stars” on Friday, March 16th at our local United Church.

Now, I get a bit of a preview.  My wife is playing for one student, so I’ve heard our piano ringing with the accompanist version.  I’m looking forward to hearing this combined with the actual instrument. 

Saturday I was at my office in the morning.  Working on our annual report.  Words and formatting get rather tedious after a while. 

Who comes by but a young friend who has been playing clarinet for a number of years.  She is there with her teacher and accompanist.  Nothing I like better than to sit back and hear a concert free of charge.  I opened my office door and let the music flow.  What fun!!

And people are worried about what will happen with music in our next generation?  Not me!!!

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