Can you think ahead to spring?  I remember those days around Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  I was an elementary school student.  Looking out over the prairies, I would ride with friends down the back trails.  The iron bridge was there to traverse – hoping no train was on the way.  Of course, I never ventured across!!

Just a short ways out of town was a small pond.  Nothing unusual.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Just a skim of water over the newly unfrozen soil. 

But what I really enjoyed was the music.  The frogs were loudly voicing their presence.  The harmonies were a precursor to opportunities in the future of singing and harmonizing. 

And then you would spy a tadpole swimming towards a metamorphosis.

That’s the life of spring!  Soon to appear!

Which has made me ask the question.  Where lives the frog in the middle of January??