I find that every few days (usually ends up about seven days) I yawn and rest.  Literally have nap times more than once during the day.

Such was today – suited definitely for my day off.

Along with a day where I redirected much of my thinking from “regular work”.  I worked on doing “editor” things – taking writing and rearranging the words.  This is to me a great diversion and enjoyment.  My day was enhanced by the opportunity.

And sitting with my wife watching some enjoyable entertainment.  No rush to be somewhere.  No phone calls to return.  No emails to contend with.  Just sitting!

Tomorrow I’m back to the activity.  Enjoyable but constant.  For another week.  And then a festival – or as we call it – “Pastor’s Retreat.”  Seems a bit like the rhythm of the Jewish calendar.  Not a bad calendar to consider!

One thought on “Yawning

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