Well, it’s not because the clock speeds up.  So far we have fairly standard hours and minutes around the world.  Otherwise stock markets, and shopping and family meals would collapse (OK, maybe they are collapsing, but it’s not because time has changed – maybe “times” have changed!!).

This week we entered one of those periods where our daytimers (now called schedulers . . .) showed little blank space.  An annual meeting, our local manor birthday party, children’s activities and appointments peeked out at us.  And in between we took some rest time (we seem to still be recuperating from our “retreat”, which was restful but brought us back to lots of activity!).

Now, I like busyness.  But combined with the need for rest and the inevitable “one more thing”, busyness can turn into restlessness.  Right now we are pulling on the reins and trusting that our week slows down.  I know there are others that are in the same boat (OK, I switched metaphors – hopefully you are able to keep up!).

May you have a day of rest in the midst of your week as well!!