I’ve tried to stay away from commenting on our weather.  But, the accumulation of above average temperatures and below normal precipitation has begun to take their toll!

In my lifetime – the greatest part spent in Saskatchewan – I have never seen such weather.  My elders comment in the same vein.  Youth, in their inexperience, have the same sense.

This has meant dry skin and the use of moisturizers.  This has meant very little snow shoveling and less exercise than usual.  This has meant people have attended more activities when another year would have seen storms and blizzards.

The adjustment has not been hard to take.  As a matter of fact, and even a matter of some fancy, we seem to be a bit more lively.  Of course, there has been an earlier onset of asthma attacks.  But in reality, even the sufferers have enjoyed the weather.

And so, for those who are looking out the window right now, “isn’t the weather delightful!”