When I started using the term “to putter” signifying a time of rest in my day(s), I didn’t realize how much that truth sticks!

I grew up watching older men go to the Co-op for coffee, then wander around town and finally end up home for a leisurely evening.  This was their retirement routine.  Others just started a gardening habit, or began to do woodwork.  They had no reason to stress over time.  Slow but sure became their motto!

I’ve been thinking, why not start the “stressless” sessions early.  Maybe just putter away at things on a day off.  Feel like you don’t have to be anywhere.  Pick up a project and stick with it – slowly, methodically, without the intent of billing the hours of labour to anyone!  And maybe spend a few more minutes cleaning up and enjoying the air!  Breathe!!

Today I’ve been puttering.  Winding up some cords so they look nice, leisurely looking through inconsequential internet sites, and now typing up this blog!  My pulse is slow – which is always a good sign (of course, if there is no pulse, that’s another thing!!).  My stress is low.

And so, until tomorrow, my your putter be great and your stress low!!