I enjoyed math in my teens.  Still do.

When I sit with friends and we are figuring out the cost of a meal, or the number of chairs in a stack, or . . . It’s kind of a contest on my part to see how quickly I can figure that out.

I loved being able to count to 100 when I was in grade school.  I took extra math classes in my final years of high school.  I figured . . . and that was the fun part.

I still find that I dumb down math figures just to satisfy the general thought that rounded off numbers are easier to convey to someone. 

This afternoon I was doing some banking.  After I completed the banking I was ready to tell my wife that we had about $250 available in the account.  Of course, I had in the back of my mind that it was $253.71 (if I remember correctly – of course, old age is playing havoc on my memory!).

And so, in the midst of living with approximations in life, I still like to know the actual figure.  I guess math still lives as king!!