What a fun conversation!

Our church has a flat roof leak.  Not unlike a million other steel buildings with flat roofs.  Was it an original design flaw (our building and a myriad others in the area all started with leaks)?  Was it a lack of proper maintenance (something most of us have never heard of – the idea of a steel roof was that it would remain permanent over time)?  Was it the wind and weathering of the prairies (that one explains old wrinkled prairie-ites gazing at the roof thinking weather could never affect steel, as though ageing never affects us)?

Well, at the table we let the imagination go.

Why worry about fixing the current roof.  Just build over top.  Maybe put a garden up there to absorb water.  How about a roof that has great design patterns that invite conversation.  Maybe use a dome to cover the whole building.

By the time a few minutes passed I was into all sorts of options.  How do you think we could fix a flat roof leak?