This was a day to head into our nearest city (2 hours away) and have an appointment with our pace maker clinic.  Routine.  Yearly.  Average.

As we walk into the hospital we meet a pastor friend.  We discuss current pastoral issues that affect our church and his. 

Off to the pace maker clinic.  Jill explains she has encountered some heart problems.  The clinician immediately contacts our cardiologist (who just happens to be in today), and we are given an appointment in the next hour or so.

As we sit to get tests for the appointment, a friend of ours (who worked on a previous CD I produced and is now doing sound equipment as well), sat down next to us.  We traded cards and I will consult with him on sound upgrades we are considering at our church.

The appointment reveals that further tests are needed.  Perhaps nothing unusual will arise, but it will rule out some potential problem areas.  And the testing will take place in the next month or so.  Not bad, considering we had asked for an appointment with the cardiologist a week or so ago, and had been told we would have to wait until July.

All in all, the small miracles added up to a great day!