God orchestrates when we least expect.

One of the musicians for tomorrow’s memorial service (Tuesday at 2:00 at the Alliance church) was about to text me, I phoned him.  At exactly the same time!

We had been deciding on a final piece.  “You are my everything” by Steve Bell was a possibility.

Randy was going to text that he and Connie (his wife) would sing this song.  At exactly the same time, my sister-in-law was reading from Jill’s journal the following:

February 12, 2012   . . . I was getting tired again. Just sat and watched TV all the rest of the day. Trying to breath deeper.

Each day at a time, Lord.

Give me daily strength

In the morning, Lord, we do come to you

For the strength we need just to make it through

Have Mercy,

In the evening Lord we look back and say

It was in your strength that we made our way

Have Mercy,

You are our everything we need

Help us, Lord

You are our everything we need

Help us, Lord

– Steve Bell

Jill was quoting the song that Randy and Connie will sing tomorrow. 

God is in control!!