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My final remarks at Jill’s funeral – May 22, 2012 — 8 Comments

  1. It was such a beautiful memorial. I am so glad we were able to attend. Your words about Jill’s motto were so true and I know I could never do all that she could. She is such a wonderful example of living life to the fullest, despite all circumstances.


  2. I wish so much that Les and I could have been there yesterday. Jill was a very special lady. Full of life, and fun and joy. She loved life, loved her family and loved her Lord. She celebrated that relationship with the Lord in many ways, but the one I remember the most was through her music. She will be missed, I know. But I also know that we will see her again when we meet in heaven with the Lord. I do look forward to that day. I wish Ron and her family God’s comfort and peace in the coming days. Blessings to all of you.

  3. Sorry we were not able to be there. Your summary of Jill’s motto is an inspiration and prayer for us too. Much peace & grace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  4. So very well put Ron….I’m wondering if you could bring those words with you to Prince Albert on June 4?

    It was so great to worship God with you once again…and I sense that Jill’s unique energy was with you yesterday!

    Your church family in Kindersley has a beautiful warm spirit, and it gives me peace that they will be there for you in the coming days to help you bear the load of this grief.

    See you soon Ron…our prayers surround you!


  5. My heart was breaking yesterday knowing I could not be there (attending medical appointments in the city is something I know you would understand). I miss my friend and prayer partner and know you miss her even more….but don’t wish her back as I have faith that she is in a far far better place. I pray peace and comfort on you and yours…

  6. Both Ron and I are so sorry that we could not attend. I am convinced that the service was time of victory and antisipation of what we all wait for; being with and worshipping our King of Kings. My prayer is for those attending who do not have a relationship with Jesus, that in all that was said, the tributes to Jill and the message of the love of Jesus that their hearts will be so overwhelmed that they cannot turn away but will want what Jill had. What a legacy, even at her memorial to bring people to the Lord! I know the Lord is giving you His peace that truly does pass all understanding!

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