Remarks at end of Jill Baker’s funeral service – May 22, 2012

Thanks to each of you here today – some traveled for miles, some took time off work, some just had to walk a few blocks! Over the years, I have known this day was coming – you have made it special! All of you are treasured.

Thanks to the team who worked to put this service together. Actually, in keeping with Jill this was more a time to “talk fast” and “sing lots”! The participants did not come as ministers, although they are. They did not come as professionals, although this is as close as you get! They came in tribute to Jill – but even more so, to shine light on Jill’s God. Thank you, all!!

Jill was always one to serve others. In keeping with her desires and in light of her unique medical history, her body has been donated to Science through the University of Saskatchewan.

We soon learned that many could not be here today. Prince Albert residents had planned on renting a bus and joining us today. But some could not come. We have planned a memorial service in P.A. on Monday, June 4th, at 7:00 at the Prince Albert Alliance Church. My mother-in-law could also not be here, so another memorial service is being planned in Belleville on the Father’s Day weekend.

For those in Jesus, death is the easy part. There is no sting in death. Life is the challenge!!

I pondered over what I would say was Jill’s life motto. Here is a feeble attempt to reflect that:

· May I know and walk with God as my primary appetite in life.

· May I smother those around me with the gravy of love.

· May I live like I could die tomorrow – and so, share my heart with others until I have no heart left to share.

· And when I am done, may my life be merely a reflection of Jesus love through me!