“I’m a widower.  I don’t know what that means.”

This phrase has been on my lips the last few days.  As I rode back from my wife’s death bed, my son heard this repeated.  I’ve mentioned it more than once to friends.

Bruce Gibson, our piano tuner, talked about his mother of 91.  She had lost her first husband at 75 years of age.  She remarried and a short time ago, her current husband, who as97, passed away. 

The other day she was to head out with her children.  They looked at her and said, “You’re not wearing any makeup!”  They didn’t know their mother without makeup.  In some ways, she didn’t know herself at this point.

But her mind was sharp and her spirit undaunted.  She turned and headed back to apply makeup, saying, “You’re right.  I’m single again!”

Life can pull us down or remind us that makeup isn’t a bad thing!