How do two seemingly unrelated events change a life?

I’m trying to figure that out, but it is happening.

Jill’s death has given me opportunity this Sunday to speak on how she modelled the Christian life.  My original drafts worked on up to 16 different ways.  As I pared it down, there are a mere handful that I will talk about this Sunday (you can find the sermon later today on our website – under the sermon tab).

This morning I was looking at an event that I had to miss because of the memorial service for Jill.  The agenda of the event (NCD 3 colors of leadership) helped people look at their strengths and weaknesses in leadership.  Prior to the event I asked five people to assess my leadership.

The results were not totally unexpected.  I have a strong tendency to help people realize their strengths and assess their weaknesses.  The weak area initially surprised me.  I need to be not only modeling leadership to others, but also training them for their leadership. 

Jill had a great capacity to train – I was always seeing the potential in others.  She would find advice exploding from her mouth upon the first indication of a problem or an opportunity in a person’s life.  I would encourage them to explore their understanding of who they were. 

Now, I’m pushing to become balanced.  Maybe giving a little advice is not a bad thing.  Maybe taking a person from seeing potential to putting feet to that potential is right where I should be.

I do not ask for anyone to die, but if they are to die, let their death bring life!!