In my day and age – and that dates me – TGIF meant “Thank Goodness It’s Friday.”  This was the day to look forward to a weekend of fun, parties and no work.  You got to connect with others and just hang out.

I keep my feet in this current age – and that keeps me up-to-date.  TGIF is still around – and it’s still about connecting with other people.

But now – TGIF means – Twitter, Google, Internet and Facebook .

You’ll see this slogan starting to circulate more and more as we catch up to the current ways of connecting with other people.  The leisurely weekend is no more – open stores and 24/7 business has killed it!  And for all us busy people out there who know we need to keep touch with our friends – ever try to sync your schedule with your friends? 

What we are left with is TGIF.  Unless there is a seismic shift in our culture (which I would not be adverse to), get used to connecting with other people in this way!!

Can you add any thoughts on other connecting tools / approaches that have come into use in these past few years? 

Oh, and to give credit where credit is due – this thought hit me as I was reading an article in Worship Leader Magazine, May 2012, page 17 – middle column, last sentence!!