I’m a widower.  In a previous generation, when the average age of death was closer to 68, to be a widower at 58 was, perhaps, common.  Now that 80 is the new 60 – not so common.  And particularly a husband outliving a wife.

I’ve also had double knee surgery – not from sports related injuries but from deterioration.  As one x-ray technician described the picture of my knees when I was in my 40’s – “you have the knees of a 60 year old.” 

I had cataract surgery on my eyes in my mid-fifties.  My father had his cataract surgery in his 80’s (to which he proclaimed – “I wish I’d done this decades ago!”). 

I jokingly refer people to the progression of surgeries and say that my brain is next!!

My guess?  This has prepared me to work well with those in their sunset years of life.  In those days many look back at their former days of glory, when the sun was bright and the tan was the thing!  Now . . .

That’s when I can stand beside them – they know what I’ve gone through and I know where they are at.  And I can say – “God is in control – Jesus will walk with you through this – Trust him!”

Often we get disgusted with our lives and begin to swear against God and against our infirmities.  I’m developing a new slogan.

“Forget  four letter words – use five instead.” 

FAITH works, so does TRUST!!