For the last few weeks, since my wife’s death, I have not been watching cable TV.   A few days ago, I decided to cancel my subscription.

A few years ago the idea might have been the opposite.  Instead of jumping on the internet option – getting wireless connections, and so on – most would have opted for the cable or satellite TV otpion.

Now, with so many videos available on the internet, and with regular TV programming usually streamed and available at a later date, you might as well stick with an internet connection.

Remember when the regular stations, such as CBC and CTV, were decrying that cable TV would ruin their industry – they would have to shut down and close their doors.

Well, now the cable TV providers could also make the same cry.  But, the whole media industry has changed. Things are interconnected and instead of just one medium, most providers are into many different aspects of reaching their society.

Not unlike what the church should be doing??